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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I remove content from the Internet?
    1. First of all, the type and link of the content that is requested to be removed from Google should be determined. After the links are reviewed by our team, the offer is shared with you. When you accept, the process is started.
    2. Is the process of removing content from the Internet/Google permanent?
      1. Yes, the process of removing content from the Internet is 100% permanent. We undertake that the removed content link will not be shared with the same link again.
    3. Will the content you removed from Google be shared again?
      1. The contents we have removed will not be returned with the same link. However, if it is shared again by the person sharing it under a different link, a different Google content removal process will be required.
    4. What is the cost of deleting content from Google?
      1. The cost of deleting content from Google varies depending on the type of link, the website where it is located, and the total number of links. Please contact us by filling out the form or by phone for fee information.
    5. How long does Google content removal take?
      1. Decommissioning of Google content takes between 1-20 days.
    6. Will the information I provide remain confidential?
      1. All information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties within the framework of confidentiality obligations and ethical rules within the scope of Technical Team-client confidentiality.
    7. How can I make a face-to-face or online appointment?
      1. You can make an appointment by clicking on WhatsApp from our website, calling WhatsApp or sending an email.